• Can you warm liquid with rice cereal or other thickeners?

    If fillers are needed please warm liquid on your baby's brew first then once at desired temperature you can add any thickeners you need.
  • Does It Work With Ready Made Formula?

    The Baby's Brew works with most pre-made formula. Please email support@thebabybrew.com or start a chat below and we can confirm if your baby's formula works with our warmer. Does not work with (Premixed Alimentum, Premixed Enfamil A.R., Premixed Enfamil Gentlease, Premixed Similac Pro Sensative, ...
  • Does The Baby's Brew work With Breast Milk?

    Yes! Our slow heat technology preserves nutrients and eliminates the risk of hotspots.
  • How long does it take to heat up?

    It all depends on the amount of liquid you are trying to heat, ambient temperature, and which temp setting you want. Normally it takes anywhere from 5-10 mins
  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery can last up to 8-12 hours of heating.
  • How many times can you warm your bottle?

    You can heat up a bottle 5-10 times. Creating heat takes a lot of energy so if you are using smaller amounts of liquid you can get more heatings for each charge. When using refrigerated liquid it will take longer to heat and pull a lot more energy from the battery.
  • Is there a warranty?

    We allow the exchange of purchased items if the item is faulty. Once the exchange request is approved, we will provide you with a return label. Our team will then test the unit to determine if the item is truly defective. If the unit is defective We will ship out the new product the next day. ...
  • Return Policy

    View Full Return Policy Here
  • What Bottles are Compatible with The Baby's Brew?

    AVENT Minbie Lansinoh Kiinde (Must have their adapter kit) SpeCtra Pigeon Richell CHU CHU Combi HiTo UPIS DoubleHeart Snow Bear Nip Bebe Confort Bobo Yo Yo Monkey Piyopiyo Us Baby Tutu YANXUA Most Wide Neck Bottles Adapter's Are Available For The Bottles Below: Medela Haakaa Bottles Regular Dr. ...
  • What Comes With The Baby's Brew Set

    Bottle Warmer Formula Dispenser Charging Cord
  • What is the return policy?